Association Voting

Advocate. Organizer. Lobbyist. Negotiator. Adviser. Those are few of the roles trade and professional association officials juggle on a daily basis in an effort to improve the lives and careers of their members.

Your time is valuable. Use it to fight for your members. Leave the election to us.

The job of an association representative is very much like the role a utility athlete on a professional sports team—you're expected to manage myriad tasks, sometimes all at once. That’s a lot of responsibility for one person—or even an entire team—to handle, especially when these professionals are required to stay comprised of emerging trends, new laws and policies, and the unpredictability of the broader economy.  

YesElections gives associations more time to focus on what matters. Not only do we oversee elections, but we proudly manage the nuts-and-bolts of the entire process, from ballot production to mailings and strategy to security, engagement, and tabulating results.

Elections Matter

  • Members can vote by paper ballot, over the phone, or online.

  • The Election Central 10 technology guarantees secure, safe, and verified voting.

  • Our unique Web Bridge system simplifies the online voting process. We sync our secure site with pre-existing member portals.

  • Ballot tracking makes it easy to monitor online and paper voting. We can tell you when a member’s vote was processed, but we have no way of knowing how they voted.

  • Reduced costs associated with online voting.

  • Membership lists are strictly used for election purposes. We never share private information with third-party groups.

Customize Your Needs

Every association has their own unique attributes—whether it’s the way in which they advocate for their members, petition lawmakers, or organize conferences—but there are several election-related issues that overlap.

As is the case with any business, nonprofit, or member-based organization, it’s important to identify cost savings, ensure ballots are processed securely, and significantly boost member engagement and turnout.

21st Century Elections

Hosting elections over the internet leads to immediate and significant costs savings, as it eliminates paying for postage and printing. By simplifying the processes and giving members the convenience to vote from a computer, smartphone, or tablet, they are more likely to cast a ballot, vote in future elections, and become a more dedicated member.

Using state-of-the-art voting technology, we’re able to monitor processed ballots in real time and maintain the integrity of elections by preventing members from casting more than one vote. Elections should present an opportunity for members to embrace their voice—through their vote—and engender more enthusiasm.

Security. Dependability. Integrity.
Organizations are always looking for new ways to reduce costs and increase membership engagement. YesElections has the solution.