Pension & Retirement Elections

State and local pension system elections require diligence, a strategic approach to elevating turnout, and a strict adherence to regulatory guidelines.

Partnering with the appropriate election management agency is the first step in ensuring secure and accurate elections that satisfy your state or municipality's legal framework.  

Not only are state and local pension system elections unique in that they are governed by regulatory measures and have distinct budgetary concerns, but they’re noteworthy in that they attract many candidates.

When you select an election management agency, you’re not only trusting them to accurately tabulate your election, but they should also be willing to facilitate a stress-free nomination process. Companies that offer robust nomination tools make the often cumbersome task of preparing elections that much easier, and ultimately, less complex.

Sure, “elections” is in our name, but we take a holistic approach that goes well beyond casting ballots. From handling nominations, to designing custom ballots and investing in top-of-the-line security and data privacy, we view elections as a process that can be streamlined and improved upon, well after the voting is completed.

Running a Pension System Election Shouldn’t be Complicated

Having processed millions of votes throughout the nation and beyond our borders, YesElections routinely updates our staff on regulatory procedures and the legal framework that underpins an election.

Separately, we have invested heavily in ensuring elections are not only managed carefully but that nomination procedures are expertly handled. Nomination Central™ serves as a one-stop shop for nomination-related matters. Put simply, it’s one tool that allows candidates to complete applications thoroughly and at their leisure, enables members to nominate individual candidates, and assists the nominations committee with reviewing applications.

Nomination Central™ Perks

  • Compile candidate applications, biographies and photos

  • Easily review eligibility

  • Nominate candidates

  • One-stop-shop for all nomination issues

  • Assists nominations committee with reviewing applications

Pension Systems Choose Their Method Of Voting

YesElections offers a variety of voting methods, including online, paper, telephone, and on-site, as well as hybrid and composite variations. We also guide companies through a migration process that eliminates the hassle of transitioning from paper to online ballots. Along with increasing turnout, online voting has been known to reduce costs associated with traditional paper balloting, particularly in printing and mailing. Our state-of-the-art WebBridge™ service connects with pre-existing member portals, enabling your voters to cast ballots on a familiar website.

Regardless of your voting method of choice, we incorporate a strict ballot process that ensures only a single vote is cast and results are accurately tabulated.

We take a holistic approach that goes well beyond counting ballots.
Partnering with the appropriate election management agency is the first step in ensuring secure and accurate elections that satisfy your state’s legal framework.