The YesElections Story

When we founded YesElections in 2007, we did so because we wanted to be part of the solution for member-based organizations seeking to hold safe, secure and successful elections.

More than a decade later, our team of highly trained election specialists has grown both in size and experience. A full-service election management company, we have administered complex elections throughout six continents, with millions of votes processed annually. We are guided by several core principles: Innovation. Accuracy. Security. Dependability. Integrity.

Our experience enables us to conduct, supervise and execute elections of all types, across diverse industries and sectors. From traditional paper ballots and mailings to telephone and online voting, we utilize proven methods and the latest technologies to improve access, increase turnout, and simplify the all-important balloting process while enhancing efficiencies and maximizing results

Central to our growth is the fact we remain a family run company, dedicated to forging lasting partnerships and ensuring excellence, every time. We strive to not only provide flawless elections, but to achieve our clients’ goals, no matter how all-encompassing, or challenging.

With YesElections, you can rest assured with the knowledge that your election, no matter the size or scope, will be managed securely and expeditiously, by a knowledgeable and driven team of experts who genuinely care about every single vote cast.

Our Mission.


Our objective is to administer secure and successful elections, as seamlessly and stress-free as possible.

We believe true success is measured in the sheer number of new voters participating, the amount of ballots cast, and the lasting partnerships borne from facilitating a smooth and honest election.

Our reputation is built upon a solid foundation of innovation, security, and trust.

Our Team.

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YesElections Team
Alisa Backert

Director of Innovation

YesElections Team
Chris Backert

General Manager

YesElections Team
Larry Campbell

Director of Project Management

YesElections Team
Keith Furino

Director of Technology

YesElections Team
Ken Marek

Director of Election Partnerships