Case Studies

YesElections has enhanced and modernized elections for dozens of associations across various industries. Our dedicated election specialists work diligently to provide a holistic, thoughtful, and one-of-a-kind customer service experience.

Don’t just take our word for it. The following case studies provide a behind the scenes look at how YesElections is uniquely capable of managing elections of all types.

From reducing election costs to migrating ballots online for one of the largest labor unions in the United States and restoring trust in one organization’s elections, YesElections provided the utmost care and attention to all elections, no matter their size.  

Modernization and Convenience

American Association for Justice


AAJ initially came to YesElections with two challenges. They wanted to modernize their Officers voting process at their annual meeting, but they also knew they only needed assistance in years where the election was contested.

Later on, AAJ was presented with an entirely separate challenge with their Board of Governors election. These elections took place in a single session at the annual meeting, were historically run using paper ballots, and required additional rounds of voting when a majority was not met. This unfortunately led to long sessions of manually tabulating ballots and even the risk of members and staff missing flights!


  • First for the officer elections, YesElections designed a new modernized voting process where following candidate speeches, all eligible members would be sent and instructional email and could vote directly from their mobile device. For less comfortable with the technology, we set up a staffed polling place to assist. Given the irregularity of the contested elections, we offered the option of a multi-year contract with which AAJ would not be charged in years where no election was needed.
  • For the Board of Governors elections, YesElections set up an easy to use touchscreen voting method. This process eliminated the need for manually tabulating paper ballots and even allowed for floor nominations to nearly instantly be added to the ballot, all while providing a secure voting process.


The changes YesElections implemented allows AAJ to have the peace of mind that comes with a long-term election partner on standby for any possible election. Members get the gratification of instantly voting and the support when needed to easily cast their votes for officers.

The Board of Governors no longer have to experience a nerve-racking wait for election results only to find out there isn’t a majority and they have to repeat the process. Our simple touch screen process took the entire process down from hours to minutes.

Updates, Not Upsells

American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery


AAO-HNS needed to update their election procedures to improve voter turnout while finding the right partner who could design a cost-effective solution. AAO-HNS was offered additional services from their previous vendor as an “upsell” and was given the unfortunate choice of paying for improved service or taking on laborious staff time by performing tasks in-house.


  • YesElections designed a primarily online election procedure to reduce costs, but still provided mailed notices to those without a valid email address on file.
  • All members were given the option to request a paper ballot on demand.
  • YesElections provided a wide range of turnout enhancing services, all included in the base price, including our Web Bridge, email reminders and digital I Voted sticker.


The cost-effective solution allowed AAO-HNS to reduce cost and provide a better experience for their members. A post-election survey found and found the average member rated their voting experience a 5 out of 5.

Restoring Trust

Seward Park Housing Corporation


Seward Park Housing Corporation’s annual election couldn’t have gone any worse. Its original vendor violated one of the core tenets of administering election: it failed to accurately count ballots, putting the election results in doubt.

How YesElections Responded

Our first objective was to restore trust in the election process. To turn things around, we introduced various voting methods, including a special hybrid version and an on-site touch screen voting system at the corporation’s annual board meeting.


  • YesElections implemented a high-tech touchscreen solution that features immutable security as a solution to Seward Park’s outdated lever debacle.
  • By providing unbiased, independent third-party oversight that yields election results which are 100% accurate, the voters trusted our proprietary ballot tabulation system with complete confidence.
  • YesElections’ one central voting list provided one vote per member security.
  • Using Election Central®, our highly advanced voting system, accurate results were automated within minutes.


We modernized Seward Park’s Board of Directors election. Offering hybrid voting along with allowing shareholders to cast a ballot using a secure touchscreen device provided a state-of-the-art solution that was and easy to use. Residents loved it, and the election—while highly spirited and competitive—was a huge success. Contact YesElections today to learn how we can help optimize your next election.

Innovative Election Saved New York City $800,000

New York City Department of Education


For this monumental electoral process, the New York City Department of Education required a complete election management tool covering every aspect of the process. Additionally, economic concerns required an innovative solution to streamline processes and reduce costs. The election presented several unique challenges:

  • There were hundreds of candidates vying for elected positions
  • The number of voters totaled 1 million
  • Nomination documents and the ballot had to be translated in 10 languages
  • There were two separate voting rounds
  • It consisted of 38 elections
Election Method

Nominations and voting were both conducted over the Internet.


  • Using YesElections’ Election Manager™, New York City was able to manage every step of the electoral process, including audit checks and sending replacement ballots.
  • With our state-of-the-art Nominations Central™ service, the New York City Department of Education was easily able to manage candidate nominations and review eligibility. Hundreds of candidates accessed a customized and simple online application where they submitted eligibility and biographical information.
  • We provided an online voting website capable of servicing all 1 million voters.
  • All services provided for this election were offered in 10 languages (including the nominations and voting system).
  • In a unique partnership with the New York City public library system and the D.O.E., NYC was able to offer hundreds of “polling places” throughout the city. That was made possible by our widely accessible online voting system, which is available across most digital devices, operating systems, and browsers.


With an innovative and completely online electoral process, the election saved New York City more than $800,000.